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Virginia State Senate 14th District

Democratic Senate Candidate Rebecca "Becky" Raveson has decided to run as a first-time candidate against the previously uncontested John Cosgrove, because it's about time someone challenged him! He has voted 100% with the NRA and has an "F" rating from the Sierra Club. Becky is looking forward to an "F" from the NRA and an "A" from the Sierra Club! She wants to see real action on gun legislation, education, healthcare, and environmental issues.


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This election is a David vs Goliath moment!

Candidate Raveson has never run for political office and is beholden to no one. She's a studious and avid reader, has creative ideas, and is always open to listening to differing perspectives; she's a hard-working and deliberate decision maker.
Call her at (757) 938-4804 or email her at She'd like your input.

Becky Raveson, Democradic Candidate for the Virginia 14th District Suffolk Democratic Committee